Business Assistance

Over the past few years, Murphysboro has engaged in strategic planning to bring downtown back to its original vibrancy. But one of the biggest challenges we heard was knowing who had the answers to the multitude of questions that go into starting a business, as well as renovating a space to fit your needs. We decided to create an online resource that includes contacts for local experts and service providers, as well as financial incentives to help open a business.  

Visit the website: 

Next Steps

Create task force

  • LEADER: Brooke Guthman and Jamie Green
  • WHEN: Q3 2020

Establish directory of available buildings in downtown 

  • LEADER: Gene Basden and Jamie Green
  • WHAT: Create detailed list of all available downtown properties with square footages with interior and exterior images, and contact information for the property owners
  • WHO: Main Street Murphysboro, Chamber of Commerce, property owners
  • HOW: Map each downtown block and get permission from building owners to take pictures and gather information on its current condition. Once these materials are made, contact Alchemy to help get this information added to the website.
  • WHEN: Q3 2020

Create a list top code enforcement issues for renovating a downtown building

  • LEADER: Brooke Guthman and Jamie Green
  • WHAT: This resource will help to address these issues as a way to prepare a property owner for a renovating a downtown building.
  • WHO: Main Street Murphysboro, Chamber of Commerce, City of Murphysboro
  • HOW: Work with the Mayor to coordinate 2-3 sit down meetings with the Code Enforcement Division at the City to identify common challenges facing historic renovation in downtown and create a guide to bring awareness to these issues. Once these materials are made, contact Alchemy to help get this information added to the website.
  • WHEN: Q3 2020

Child Care Center

When exploring ideas for new business opportunities there was a strong response from the public and Steering Committee members for expanding child care services in the community. Many noted existing services were primarily available through in-home service providers who have limited capacity.

Business Model

The business model we have created assumes the following: 

  • The Child Care Center will provide care for ages birth through 9 years of age.
  • The anticipated program size is 83 children.
  • Rates will be $195/week (infants) to $170/week for three to five-year olds
  • School age services will be available part time ($75/week) to full-time summer care ($150/week)
  • Proposed 18 full-time staff members with 2 part-time teaching assistants, as needed
  • Startup Costs include building construction and supplies 
    • Construction Budget – $1,250,000
    • Equipment/Supplies – $186,300
    • Total Startup Costs – $1,436,300
  • Revenues and Expenses (70% Capacity)
    • Annual gross revenue $670,213
    • Annual expenses $613,067
    • Annual net profit $57,145.10


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