Next Steps & Appendices

Local Champions

As part of the action plan provided, there are a number of groups and individuals designated as implementors of each action step. These local leaders, or CHAMPIONS, will help rally community members around implementation of the Action Plan through the guidance of work teams, task forces, and action committees. The Steering Committee is the recommended leadership group to help connect champions to each of these proposed priority projects. 

The real work begins now and we need the entire community to step up and make the vision a reality! 

Other potential projects


The Steering Committee and community stakeholders were not unified on developing makerspace at this time. Local partners could not reach a consensus on operationsSo we recommend revisiting the concept in 1-2 years. See Appendix K Program Plan and Appendix L Funding Guide. 

Art Park

The vacant lot located at the northeast corner of Walnut Street and 9th Street was identified as a potential location to site a small pocket park dedicated to the arts. This would be similar to the Trustmark Park. in Laurel, MS Further study is needed to determine feasibility for the creation of this new park amenity.   

Join Us!

We need the entire community to step up and make the vision a reality! Submit your information and what part of the placemaking plan with which you’d like to help; a representative from the Steering Committee will be in touch with you! 


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