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  Lockard Mural | Revitalize 62966 | Murphysboro  


The mural’s theme pays homage to education and its importance in Murphysboro. Since 1843, an emphasis on learning has loomed large in the city. Past public and private schools such as Logan, Douglass, Orchard Hills, McElvain, Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow, St. Andrew’s, and Immanuel Lutheran evoke fond memories and smiles in the life-long residents. The vibrant and inspiring scene depicts one of these schools, Logan Grade School, with carefree days of learning, playground activities, and childhood innocence. The figure on the playground is Leland Lockard, the principal for many years at the school. The mural was donated to the city by his daughters, honoring him and all of the people and places in education who left such an indelible mark on the town’s population and history. This artistic addition serves as a reminder of the power of education to transform lives and communities and inspire students and educators alike to continue pursuing knowledge and growth.

This mural is given in loving memory of Chresta and Leland Lockard by their daughters, Lea Ann Fager, Sue Lynn Johnson, and Janet Cramer.

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Lockard Mural | Revitalize 62966 | Murphysboro    Lockard Mural | Revitalize 62966 | Murphysboro   



Christine DeShazo · Sue Gindlesparger


Address: on the side of 1341 Walnut (corner of 14th and Walnut)  GPS – Lat: 37°7641484″N     Lon: 89°3380938″W


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